James & Vicki's Proportunity - Finding a forever home

“We came into it with a lot of maybes. But together with Proportunity and the whole deal, it just came through, just right. It was perfect.”

James & Vicki

Putting an end to renting

James and Vicki moved into their forever home four months ago. Until their move, James and Vicki had been renting, but they soon realised that putting in the maintenance to improve their rental property just wasn’t the same as if they were working on their own home.

However, along with many aspiring homeowners, they felt locked in the catch-22 of paying rent and trying to save money for the deposit. But with the extra boost from Proportunity, they had the ability to turn their aspirations into reality. They were able to widen their area of what they could make an offer on taking into account Proportunity. James and Vicki could have waited and continued to save, but James wanted a better timeline:

"This will help us get into a house now and be where we want to be instead of having to wait a lot longer."

Searching for The One

Although they knew that they wanted to buy a place of their own, they weren’t willing to settle for any place that was less than perfect for them. James says, “I’m really picky. And I’ll wait - I’ll let good deals go if there aren’t enough of the essential criteria there.” With the Proportunity home finder engine, James and Vicki were able to find the best deal without compromising on the essential criteria that were important to them: with two dogs, space and proximity to a park were key. Looking to grow their family more in the future, being close to a good school and sports club were also factors weighing high on their list of considerations. 

When they viewed the home that they would soon get to call their own, they immediately thought, “We can see having a family here; we can see being here for a long time, and just enjoying our lives together.” At last, they thought their long search was over. However, they got a head's up from the seller that another offer had come in for the property.

Luckily, James and Vicki had done their research and were armed with the important information of the proper value of the property. Using the Proportunity valuation tool beforehand, they knew already that the home was 5-6% undervalued. Vicki said, “Right there, we made the decision to put in the offer for what they were asking for.” 

Settling in

Checking in with them four months after their move, they’re working on making their home truly theirs with several projects going on around the house. Regardless of the ongoing works, James and Vicki couldn’t be happier in their new home. “There’s so much here to offer, such a friendly neighbourhood as well,” says Vicki.

The neighbours have been incredibly welcoming and helpful - after a short four months, they already know their neighbours, and even the names of the neighbourhood dogs! Reflecting upon their long but successful home buying journey with Proportunity, James says, “You win, they win, everyone wins, but we win slightly better because we have the quality of life that we wanted and we wouldn’t get in a place that didn’t feel was right for us.”

James and Vicki are thrilled to be in a place that they can call their own. 

Congratulations, and we can’t wait for your future in your new home! 

If you too want to find a space to truly call your own, check out the Proportunity platform to discover fair priced homes in the areas best suited to you!

We found this property that's spacious for a family and has a garden perfect for four-legged friends to run around in.

2 bedroom, Macfarlane Road, London W12
£425,000 or £1,480 with Proportunity

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