Zero Deposit Mortgage

"O%MG! I don't need a deposit?!"

We're hard at work developing ZERO, our 0% deposit mortgage, coming in 2023. Our 0% deposit mortgage does exactly what it says - you can get a mortgage without a deposit. This means whatever money you might have saved can go towards furniture, decorating or any of the nice things about moving into your own home.

Ready to stop renting and start owning?


No deposit? No problem.

Not everyone has a Bank of Mum and Dad, that’s why we’re here to be the Bank of Mum and Dad for everyone. We understand that paying monthly rent can get in the way of saving for a deposit. We give everyone a fair shot who simply have not had the chance to catch up to saving enough..

Game changing 

Whether you’re self-employed, a contractor or freelancer, we have you covered. Our employment history requirements understand that not everyone can provide 3 years of payslips like most lenders demand. It offers flexible income requirements to give you a fair chance at home ownership.

Unlock more

With rising house prices contributing to restricted access to available homes, a shared equity loan is the only viable option to boost budgets and unlock equity from the home purchase. So if prices go up then you should be able to account for future appreciation - you’re using the home you’re buying as part of the equity.

Borrow up to 100% of the value of your new home with a Proportunity Loan. 

Buy now

Without the need of a deposit or strict qualifiers, we make it easier to buy. Put an end to waiting to buy. Zero Deposit lets you buy now.

Buy smartly 

Our Proportunity Home Index (PHI) helps identify which homes are better or fair valued, so when we invest with you, we believe we’re investing together in a good thing - and that’s what enables us to give you the full loan value for your new home.

Buy into your future

We know that if you can afford to pay rent, you can afford to pay a mortgage. Invest in your own future. Make your money work for you, not your landlord.



Seize your Proportunity.

Start owning
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