Richard's Proportunity – Putting an end to renting

To hell with renting!

14 years. That’s how long Richard had been renting in London and he had enough of it. 

In that time, he developed friendships and familiarity in a neighbourhood that he enjoyed living in and he wasn’t about to let that all go just because he wanted to stop renting and start owning. He had a strict criteria to adhere to: a 2 bedroom maisonette, an outside space, in a specific area and all within his budget. One thing was for certain, settling was not in his cards.

Like many of us, Richard was working from home and needed more space to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He valued having different rooms and access to an outdoor space to encourage movement around his home as he went about his day. 

The search

Once Richard determined his must-haves, he went on a search to find his dream first home. Finally, he came across one that ticked all the boxes, but he was short on his deposit. He explored other mortgage loan options such as Help To Buy, but the flexibility that Proportunity  offered to pay back the loan on his terms was the ultimate deciding factor. The Proportunity Loan is similar to the Help To Buy scheme, but it gives you more freedom to explore existing homes without the limitations to only new-builds. 

"There are a number of difference schemes like the government's Help To Buy, but Proportunity offered a slightly different path that worked in terms of what I wanted to achieve and wanted to go through. So it just fit in and I was able to move forward, thankfully."

With the help of Proportunity, he was able to boost his deposit to place an offer on the home that met his requirements, without having to compromise.

A happy ending

Richard bid farewell to his tiny ‘shoebox’ flat in Notting Hill and welcomed a spacious new home that he could call his own while still residing in West London. Congratulations, Richard!

There is a misconception that home ownership means you have to give up the lifestyle you had when you were renting. This isn’t always the case if you can reach the deposit that you require and therefore, expand your options. 

So if you finally got on the first name basis with the coffee barista down the street after all these years, you may just be able to stick around a little while longer.... as a homeowner!

"You're going to be spending the majority of your life in this place, so it has to be really special, you have to really love it."

If you're also tired of renting like Richard, discover homes that suit your budget and lifestyle and start owning! Check out this incredible, great value property to inspire you on your search!

Harrow Road, London W9
1 bed, 52m
£385,000 or £1,410 with Proportunity

Seize your Proportunity.

Start owning
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