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Meet the new Proportunity

Today, we’re excited to officially introduce our new brand. Proportunity’s new brand represents who we are as a company, our mission to unlock the empowering value of home ownership for everyone, our aspiring homeowner customers, and of course our hardworking team — the people who carry this mission forward every day. It embodies our values and our passion for creating a world where home ownership is the de facto choice for everyone.

We’d like to take a moment to share with you this passion and excitement within our new brand.

There's no place like home

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has made clear, it’s the tremendous value of ‘home’ — whatever that looks like for you. It has become our workspace, our school, our go-to restaurant, and above all, our place of refuge. Now it is more important than ever to afford the security and freedom of home ownership, something that is largely missed out on by many in our generation.

Your home is your sanctuary. Especially now when so much of the world is uncertain. And you should own a home you love. We want you to have more choice, with less compromise. A garden? An extra bedroom for your family? Or perhaps the quiet reassurance of being a homeowner?

We aim to make our property market technology open to everyone, ensuring that you can buy with confidence. Because there really is no substitute for a place to call "your own" and where you feel "at home".

Making home ownership possible

Aspiring homeowners are being left behind now more than ever. Home buyers today are facing a daunting set of limiting factors, more than those experienced by those who sought to buy after the financial crisis.

To us, this underscores the importance of having accessible opportunities for homeownership available to all, and the need for financial institutions which are dedicated to this goal. That is our daily reminder of why we get up in the morning and do what we do.

Our company has been mission driven since day one. We started Proportunity in 2016 with the mission of helping people unlock the empowering value of home ownership. Today, that mission is strikingly more relevant than ever before. And it’s prompted us to reaffirm who we are and what we stand for.

What’s changed?

At its core, our new brand follows in that vision we set out initially for Proportunity, with an added focus and clarity. It’s a reflection of how we’ve evolved to better understand our customer: you, the home buyer. 

While our purpose remains the same, the new Proportunity brand gives a clear, concise, friendly, honest and transparent voice to our mission and values. Countless hours of helping home buyers own a home they love have helped us better define who we are and who we want to be. After speaking with thousands of interested customers and helping them own their dream home, it’s become apparent that we are more than just another lender in people’s journey to home ownership:

"What I love about Proportunity is that they are a human lender, meaning they actually care about people and changing their lives. When the seller wouldn’t accept my highest bid, and the second lender wouldn’t increase the loan amount, Stef from Proportunity worked so hard in my favour, gave me calls after work personally and worked his utmost to get me the property. They didn’t need to, but they worked overtime for me, I’m so grateful. I wouldn’t be in this position now if it wasn’t for them.

No other lender would give you this level of personal touch and care, and actually want you to get a property. Ultimately, Proportunity aren’t your typical lender, they care about people, want to help people and establish themselves as a major player in the mortgage space. I wish them well.”

- Mo -

"We went to a Proportunity expo in September 2018. By the time that COVID19 hit, we were quite a way off our deposit target. In January 2020, we found our home. We were still off our target. We made an offer and Proportunity helped us manage the time until we were able to close the deal. It took 8 months. A lot of cool heads and everyone is smiling now. Thanks guys. Top marks.”

- James & Vicki -

"COVID-19 was a stressful time. Our sellers were chasing us again and again, big nightmare. Thankfully, Stef was there to help us. He kept his cool and help us to keep ours too. Despite having all the pressure from every side, one call to him and we felt relaxed.

Proportunity gave us the opportunity to realise our dream. Our children are going to have their own bedroom. Never thought it will happen. Thank you soooo much again. We are moving this Friday thanks to you. If you hesitate to go for it don't. Have a question call or email them. They will reply. They were there for us. We felt so bad to have to call all the time, but they never make you feel like you are a burden. Nerves of steel. Thank you.”

- Toco & Tatiana -

Time and time again, our feedback sings the tune. So we decided to own it.

"Proportunity is our good-natured mentor"

We create possiblities

As a team, we’ve got your back – no matter what. Because being a first home buyer feels like a rollercoaster in the dark. We’re here to make your options clear and to help make home ownership possible.

For you. For every home buyer.

Let's begin.

Proportunity Loan

Seize your Proportunity.

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