Sree & Elena's Proportunity – A home for a family

It all started with a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet that turned into a home.

“We wanted a space for ourselves. Something we can call ours."

Meet Sree and Elena. They had their first child and were ready to settle down into a space they could call their own. A place where they could build memories as they started their new chapter with their little girl.  👨‍👩‍👧

Home value: £410,000
Deposit: £25,000
Proportunity boost: £61,500
Mortgage: £323,500

Elena started with a spreadsheet to determine their budget. And we know when a spreadsheet is involved, it means serious business. For Sree and Elena, it was a way for them to start having an idea of all the costs that came with buying a home. Once they factored in additional expenses like stamp duty fees, moving and refurbishment costs, their choice homes with their remaining budget started to become smaller. 

Reality settled in and their dream home seemed to be a distant goal.

Proportunity to the rescue!

Luckily, they reached out to Proportunity brought us along on their home buying journey. With the extra boost that we were able to offer, they were able to access a much wider choice of homes.

"The biggest financial benefit was choosing this area. We would have never been able to afford this area without Proportunity."

After viewing plenty of homes, they found a beautiful property full of character and charm in the area of St. Albans. It ticked all their boxes ✔️. It was important to Sree and Elena to find a neighbourhood that had good schools nearby. They valued a garden, but all the properties they viewed were always far from a transport link. Luckily, this one was only a 10 minute walk away from nearest train station, which meant zipping in and out of London for work was no problem. Elena fell in love with the timber floors, fireplace and skylights, which made the home cosy and inviting. Perfect for spending quality family time and relaxing after a long day.

Sealing the deal

With a number of homes to choose from, they fell in love with a property that had a natural charm filled with lots of character. They were surprised with how pleased they were to have a place with a cellar! Along with a fireplace, timber floors and skylights, they knew their new home would be ideal for relaxing and valuable time spent with family.

Finding a home buying partner

The home buying process is a confusing one filled with complicated processes and jargon. We were so happy to hear that Sree  and Elena not only benefited from the financial boost Proportunity was able to offer, but also saw us as their home buying partner on their journey.

“Throughout the process, you felt like there was someone there to help. You’re putting a lot of money, your savings, into this. The moment you’re making the transfer, you’re asking am I making the right decision? And having Proportunity there, it’s like someone is taking a risk with you. They’ve done the research. That way we have the feeling of someone else is supporting us. And we are not doing this alone."

It was less stressful with Proportunity.Sree and Elena have now been able to settle into their new home and work on their garden together.

Congrats, Sree and Elena! 

We found a terrace home with a garden eligible for a Proportunity Loan just like Sree & Elena's! Discover more homes through our Home Finder tool.

Knollys Road, Streatham SW16
2 Bed · Flat · 53 m²

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