Renting is Great.

...said no one ever until now.

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Renting that gets you owning

Stuck renting? Fed up paying off someone else's mortgage every month? Tired of seeing house prices go up and up, with no hope of catching up? Struggling to save for a deposit? We've got you covered.

Proportunity helps you move into your dream home now, while building up your deposit for you so you can buy when you're ready.

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How it works

Get prequalified

in minutes so you can start your house hunt. It's free, there's no commitment and it won't affect your credit score.

Use our free houe hunting tool

(either on your own or with one of our friendly propovisor) to find fairly priced homes in your search area. When you find something you like we will buy it for you and you're ready to move in!

Rent your new home

with Proportunity until you're ready to own it. You'll always know the pre-agreed price at every step! We'll even give you a nice cash-back reward to help you with your deposit.

Rent that rewards


Live in your dream home today, and a portion of your monthly Proportunity payments grow into a down payment over time - So you can buy your home.


Our unique algorithm, Proportunity Home Index (PHI) helps customers to make smart decisions by identifying undervalued homes and avoiding over priced ones.


Whenever you're ready, you can buy your home at a preset rice. Or if life changes, walk away anytime with your built-in savings (minus a relisting fee).

Renting that
gets you into
home ownership

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